About Us

No one could have told me that I would have met my life partner at 15. When my mother introduced us it was a friendship that turned in to so much more. Now 20 years later we have built a family complete with a child and rescue animals. Together we are able to use our hands and craft many things.

I have spend the better part of my life working with the public as a waitress. I put myself through college on those tips. I have as Associate's Degree in Business from Forsyth Technical Community College. From there I transferred to NC A&T University. I have worked in banking and accounting but always seem to come back to waitressing. I am a social butterfly so this made sense to me. I always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted more but could not quite place what MORE was.

My husband spent more than 10 years in the construction/remodeling field. In 2009 when the economy turned and the housing market busted he returned to school. He now serves the great community of Davidson County as a sheriff's deputy. 


September of 2019 I lost my grandmother "Betsy Jane." She was a life long resident of Moore County, NC. I would spend summers with my grandparents, this would be where I would learn so many things. She wove baskets, caned chairs, canned goods for the winter, and would mend/repair worn out clothes. She salved several pairs of my favorite worn out jeans over the years. She and I would sit and paint or craft together when I was not watching her cross-stitching or cooking. She made the best waffles and a Pecan Pie, that I still to this day cannot replicate the recipe. 

In March 2020, COVID-19 hit and I was sent home. It was a blessing in disguise. In this time I found the energy to start up my little shop. I named this shop after my grandmother because during all my searching and praying I kept hearing her voice in my head. She always supported every dream I ever had. Believing in me when I could not find the courage to believe in myself. 

Welcome to Betsy Jane Studio, we are glad you are here. This husband and wife duo works out of our living room and carport in a small house located in Davidson County, NC. He's from Ashe county, I from Moore County bring long taught traditions in wood working and craftsmanship. Together we can bring your custom creations to life.