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Thomasville "Big Chair" Ornament

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This design is a replica of a Duncan Phyfe armchair built in 1950 by Thomasville Furniture Industries. This 30ft. landmark is located in the center of Thomasville, NC known as “Chair City” or “Chair Capital of the South”  

Duncan Phyfe was a Scottish immigrant who stared making furniture in 1794 in New York. Many of his clients were from the Carolinas. In 1921 Thomasville Furniture Industries erected an 18ft Chair in Honor of Duncan Phyfe.

Dimensions: 2.5” W x 4” H x .375”

This ornament is laser cut from walnut wood and finished off with a bit of red and white baker’s twine. This would be a great gift for most but particularly for a furniture enthusiast or historian. 

If you are ever in town, make sure to stop by “The Big Chair”. You cannot miss it, town square, right by the rail road tracks in downtown Thomasville, NC.